Pregnant after Blighted Ovum

Hi I'm a newbie on here. I currently have 2 children and earlier this year I was diagnosed as having a blighted ovum at 11 weeks. It has been 8 months since this happened and I discovered yesterday I am pregnant again.

i want to be excited but I am so nervous the same is going to happen again, are there any success stories out there of successful pregnancies after blighted ovum? 


  • I miscarried my first pregnancy which made me terrified with this pregnancy that the same was going to happen again, i was told these things happen and the fact you have had two children already, its unlikely that you would miscarry again. I can empathise with you but stay strong, chances are it will be a healthy baby! X

  • Thanks rose 86 I have got my fingers crossed. I may book in for an early scan in a few weeks just to put my mind at ease. Congratulations on your pregnancy x

  • I did the same at 6 weeks and it was so great to see his little heart fluttering away. X

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