So worried...I just want to cry :(

Hi ladies please could you help as I'm so worried. I had a scan last Monday when I was 9+5 and all was ok but today I had quite a lot of brown blood when I wiped so went to A&E. They weren't much help the nurse tried to say it was implantation bleeding but I said surely that happens when you miss your first period not 10.5 weeks down the line? She didn't fill me with confidence but made me an appointment to have a scan tomorrow afternoon. I'm so worried that everything is not ok with baby and to top it all I've got to tell my boss tomorrow. I'm dreading it as I've only been in the job 4 weeks so wasn't planning on tellin them yet. I can't stop worrying about what my boss will say and how awkward the conversation will be! I'm dreading tomorrow for both these reasons any words of wisdom I don't know who else to talk to x


  • Oh hun all I can do is send you big big hugs xxxx
  • Thanks puddy x
  • If you dont want to tell your boss why not phone in sick instead hun that way you dont have to say anything and also wont be at work worrying.  Just to reassure you though at 7 weeks I had a massive red bleed and passed a huge clot and thought that was it, game over but nope baby was fine, i continued to pass brown blood up until 16 weeks. My baby is now a healthy 11 months old so bleeding isn't always a sign to panic. Try and stay positive I'm sure all will be well. X

  • Thanks Maxs Mummy for the kind words x
  • Good luck for today, I agree call in sick you don't have to tell them anything yet, hope all goes well xx

  • Good luck for today.

    I hope you can distract yourself this morning. Do let us know how you get on.
  • Good luck. I hope all was ok from the scan! Xx

  • How did the scan go? I hope everything is alright.
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