So scared :(

Im ten weeks with my first I normally have symptoms at night as well as in the day like bloated feeling and nausea. These past two nights i haven't and I'm laying in bed now with out a support bra and my boobs feel fine laying there. I had some symptoms today at work though. Im just so worried something has happened image I'm so nervous and scared now my 12 week is getting closer. I had a early scan at 7 and heartbeat was there and all ok but i just have a feeling it wont at the first official image x


  • Don't worry! I know easier said then done, but symptoms come & go. As long as you're not experiencing vaginal bleeding I wouldn't worry. Try & relax. When I was that early my symptoms would come & go my boobs would hurt, & then I'd go a while with them feeling perfectly fine.
  • Also I am now 6 months pregnant, very healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby girl. Do not worry unless there's actual evidence to worry about. I'm sure everything is fine, try your best to relax its best for you & the baby. You have 30 weeks to go make the best of it image. Good luck with everything
  • dont worry hun, for many women symptoms ease around 10 weeks or they can come and go.


  • My sickness started to ease off at about ten weeks image and iv never ever had sore boobs! I'm 31 weeks now, everyone's symptoms are so different! If the heartbeat was there at 7 weeks u haven't got anything to worry about image I had a heartbeat at 6 weeks image u will be fine! Everything is so so scary and u question every tiny little thing with your first baby, I was in the exact same boat as you image xxx
  • Its third night and again no cramps or stretching pains apart from nausea earlier on and sore boobs image

    I also found out i have piles as well

    Shell i ring midwife tomorrow? I just want everything to be ok image xx
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