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Hi all, I am in desperate need of some advice.

My partner and I have a gorgeous 19 month old baby girl, 5 month ago we also had an ectopic which ruptured and led to internal bleeding and losing my left tube.

We are now having a baby, (5 weeks 3 days gestation) amd had an early pregnancy scan today. I had a ultrasound and a transvaginal, the doctor managed to find the sac (in the womb thank god!) and said it is measuring the gestation that I have gave. However, there is no yolk or foetus yet, which means that they cannot rule out another ectopic. I am going back in 9 days for a follow up scan and they said by this time they should see a yolk and the babies heartbeat. they said this is normal for this gestation, however my mind is going crazy, after the devastation that we went through 5 months ago I would really appreciate some comments from mums who have been through similar. ( I have absolutely no pain or bleeding) Many thanks for your advice


  • Hi hun so sorry fir ur loss. At this early stage it would be normal not to see much, it took the docs 9 weeks to find my friends vaby they told her it was ectopic then one day she just appeared on the screen. She was one in July. good luck keep us posted xx

  • i was told my youngest could of been eptopic even my bloods pionted to it but a few days later there she was and now she is three!!!

  • Hi.

    It is very rate to see a yolk so early so a healthy pregnancy would

    Look exactly like what you saw. image from what I have read it would also take a very experienced sonography to detect one too.

    I had an early scan yesterday and because they could see the yolk she said I must be at least 5 and 1/2 weeks but that was the limit of dating.

    So you see if you are less than 5.5 weeks they don't expect to see it.

    All the best for your appointment. Try not to worry.

    At least next time you will have 100% surety.

    I feel happy for what I saw but it is so frustrating that it's bit a guaranteed viable pregnancy yet.

  • Hi,

    Is your scan today.  Wishing you the very best of luck! xxx

  • hi

    we had blood tests on sunday and the scan yesterday and more blood tests. We had 2 doctors a consultant a midwife and the head of dept call us back to discuss my pregnancy last night, The yolk was seen starting to develop, but with my hcg being very high (19,900) they said that they are not classing this as a viable pregnancy. I have beeen offered to wait 7-10 days to see if the egg goes away naturally or to take tablets because the egg is growing but the baby is not. I am absolutelt heartbroken, we wanted this baby so much and I cannot bear the idea of loosing it next week. I have researched on google this and apparently the pregnancy can continue and my hormones and egg keep growing because the body does not recognise that the baby is not growing. I may have to have an operation to have everything removed from the womb if I do not miscarry. It's so raw at the moment I dont think that we will be trying again, I'm only glad that it did not go to 12 weeks and then have a scan showing an empty egg image xxx


  • I'm so sorry hun, sending big hugs  

  • Hi,

    I'm so sorry to read your news.  I hope they are looking after you both. x

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