hi, ive just found out im 4 weeks pregnant and ive been getting slight period pain. is this normal or should i be concerned?


  • Hello bubbygirl,

    Try not too worry its normal to feeling cramping in early pregnancy xx
  • thank you very much im just worried as its my first baby image xx

  • I cramped on and off for the first trimester. Kept thinking my period was coming but all was fine! Congratulations x

  • Hi Bubbygirl,

    I had the same symptoms.  Ive been told its perfectly normal.  Your uterus is just preparing things for the little one to grow.  Mine have eased up a little but i get the odd cramp/twinge every now and again. (im 7 weeks and 3 days).

    Good luck xx

  • hi bubblygirl im also 4 weeks pregnant with my first baby. i to am having period style cramps (sometimes loads worse). but aparantly this is normal. its just the unterus expanding and growing.

    ive been using teddy wheat bags that you put in the microwave. they help take any edge off. xx

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