Off for my midwife app today. I'm going to beg her for early scan as all my symptoms have now gone image and I don't want to wait until I'm 12 weeks to be told ive had another mmc. Wish me luck as last time I had one I was told I was being paranoid


  • I hope it went well puddy. 

  • How did you get on Puddy? Hope she managed to get you a scan!

  • The midwife can't get me one she will have to talk to the doc and hopefully they will let me have one should know on Tuesday. She did request on my form for my dating scan I was seen asap. At least she didn't tell me I was being paranoid. How's everyone else?
  • for peace of mind could you book a private scan for tomorrow? keeping everything crossed for you!xx

  • thanks rose unfortunatly i cant really afford another private scan. so im just going to have to wait and be paitent (not my strong point)

  • I know that feeling! Good luck with midwife, will you hear today? X

  • no shes not on duty today so hopefully will be tommorow. its just a case of the doctor signing a form then i take it to the epu. not sure why a midwife cant send me!!! 

    im sure it shouldnt be this hard to get a early scan as i have a history!! 

    im normally a very honest person but i have to admit its been making me sit here and think of ways to get them to see me!!! 

  • Cant you phone direct through to the epu? i dont see why you cant go up there of your own accord? Dont they have a triage service? x

  • Hi girls ,

    Been reading this with interest , I went to see my gp 2weeks ago this Friday , explained my situation - mmc at 8 weeks then again at 11 weeks , was told to  put name in midwife book , she rang last Tuesday , my booking in appointment is 12 Nov - 2 weeks tomorrow when I'll be 9 weeks !! it's not that I'm expecting preferential treatment or anything but you would think with our histories they would offer an early scan , I am trying very hard not to worry but every day I'm worrying if something has gone wrong , had no symptoms with pregnancy that ended in 1st mmc but lots of symptoms with 2nd pregnancy that ended in mc , baby stopped growing at 4- 5 weeks but didn't pass til nearly 12 weeks ! like you I'm thinking of saying I have cramping , ( I am , but think it is just ligaments stretching etc ) don'ty wana tell porkies but the not knowing is making me very unsettled , not a good frame of mind to be in when newly pregnant as that can be harmful in itself , arrrrgggghhhhh what to do for the best ?? sorry for rambling on , thanks for taking the time to read , we can't go direct to epu , can you puddy ? x x

  • No I tried that I have to be sent by doc. I'm just over 9 weeks now. Both my mmc ended in a d and c after my 12 weeks my body just doesn't figure it out on its own image have say ladies talking to you on here is really helping thank you. I'd be going completely mad without you. My oh is being good but he doesn't really get it he wasn't with me before so doesn't get my panick
  • Have you had any luck?x

  • mo rose i havent heard from her!! its really frustrating.

    i was going to call her but fell asleep!!! so will have to try tommorow now. not sure whats so difficult about ringing me even if the answere is no!!

  • They arent the most efficient! fingers crossed for tomorrow x

  • yeah ive left her a message the annoying thing is that the mw i saw on sunday isnt mine but she was really good and she called me ten minutes after i left her to let me know what needed to be done but my actuall mw seems useless and ive not even met her. she also sounds about 12 on the phone which is worrying me slightly.

  • Just keep pestering and eventually you will hopefully be seen. Keep us posted x

  • Well she's not there today! At this rate il have my 12 week scan before she calls!
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