Christmas baby :)

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone is due around Christmas this year? My baby boy is due the 22nd! image I'm so excited! I would love him to be here for Christmas Day! But I be the will keep us waiting haha! Xxx


  • My baby boy was due 7th jan but am booked in for csection on 19th dec. So excited to have him before xmas. On the countdown now!x

  • So jealous I tried for an Xmas baby but fell pg the cycle after xx

  • Hi

    My due date is the 2nd January, wouldn't mind him coming a couple of days early so he will be a New Year baby! Not a great birthday the 2nd of Jan.

    How's everyone doing?


  • Awwww congratulations! Hopefully we will have our babies in our arms for Xmas! Iv been told I won't reach my due date because baby is big! Hopefully he will come just before and be healthy! I keep going to buy him a Christmas outfit but I don't want to jinx anything! Haha xxx
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