feeling useless and unattractive!

Hiya I'm 27 weeks pregnant first time mummy image, but I can't help but feel useless and ugly, I used to be a glamour model doing launguriae shoots and had a tiny waste, people are always commenting saying how small my bump is but to me its huge! I have no self confidence anymore as my skin has broke out in achne and the thought of getting naked in front of my partner makes me want to cry, I look in the mirror and hate myself everyday, I know its all worth while as I have the most amazing baby growing inside of me and after 4 mc's I'm over the moon image but I can't help but feel insecure and mow this is making me feel useless as I don't feel up to having intercourse with my partner which makes me feel like I'm not satisfying him, and I'm finding it harder and harder to find confidence which is just making me feel more useless, I am loosing my mind and just can't wait until my boy gets here to make it worth it but is there anyone who can help me at all with any adivce? Thanks in advance image


    1. Hello image and congratulations on ur pregnancy I am 24 weeks and also broke out in acne and dry hair! It's normal to feel so un confident this is my 2nd baby and I still feel yak! But to ur partner and others you won't be you will still be as beautiful as ever image Don't worry yourself just keep smiling and think about your little baby image Your skin etc will clear up after birth it'll just be your hormones making you feel ugly. Hope this helps image xx
  • I'm the same babes 26+3 and we don't do the deed any more as I just can't get in the mood as I feel like a fat blob lol. I put a lot of weight on with my first and it took a long time to lose. I know this time I'll b trying even harder and doing everything right to lose the weight ASAP. Just relax and enjoy it your body's doing something amazing xx

  • you are growing a new life and its amazing hun.

    i dont think many of us feel sexy when we pg our bodies go through so many changes. try and focus on the pluses hun 


  • Thank you everyone your comments have put a smile on my face, its reassuring to know that I'm not alone, congratulations to you all image
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