12 weeks today with twins!!

hi ladies well as the title suggests Im finally 12 weeks, took forever to get here, with 2 scares, and 3 scans image its been so far the toughest 12 weeks with sickness etc, but all worth it to have a chance of seeing my 2 babies. just wanted to ask, with me getting to 12 am i in s safer position where i perhaps can relax bit more, not that i Will am sure lol, i still won't let myself believe its real after everything, but could this quite happen?? lol i know i sound mad, but am petrified of letting myself let go incase. . does that make sense?. . x x x


  • Chance of anything going wrong beyond twelve weeks massively drops. That said ive worried right the way through. Wow congratulations though! Enjoy every minute! X

  • Congrats your past the most sensitive stage, risk of mc massively drops xx

  • Awwwwwwwwww congratulations, twins! How fantastic! Don't worry, I was I. He same position as you however have had no sickness whatsoever ever, when I had my 12 week scan I was so relieved, I was told the risk drops massively after the 12 week point. So just try to relax now and enjoy itimage xxx

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