5 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding and light cramps

So I went to see the OB yesterday bc I have been having my period for 16 days not heavy but light and she made me take a pregnancy test and it Came out positive so she told me I'm 5 weeks and a half pregnant well I got really happy but she said there's a chance it could end up in a miscarriage and I'm scare this would be my first baby and I don't want to lose it I have to go in tomorrow for a HCG to see if I double I'm praying everything will be find and that my baby will be safe I don't want to wait until Thursday has this ever happen to anyone???


  • Light bleeding can be quite common for no apparent reason in early pregnancy, I'm sure everything will be okay just phone the antenatal clinic and ask for a check up and see what they say just explain your early on and having bleeding and cramps, I had a lot of bleeding and cramps around 13 week and went to the hospital but everything was fine it just sometimes happens. I'm now 24 weeks image Let me know how t goes am sure babas fine xx

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