when will i hear babies heartbeat

hi all im roughly about 10 weeks 3 days pregnant now got my dating scan on the 19th of this month just wondering when will i hear heartbeat or is there a doppler i can get that will pick up babies heartbeat its to set my mind at rest xx


  • I have an angel sounds and could hear the heartbeat from around 14 weeks. x

  • how much was it hun i do worry as mc in feb so wanna know all is ok xx


  • I have the same one, and was prob about 12 weeks when i heard but it was very quiet. It is a god send though, and was only 19 quid on amazon. X

  • think will have to gt one for when im 12 weeks as im roughly about 10 weeks 3 days now cant wait for scan just wanna know all is ok x

  • Im sure all will be. X

  • just worry coz of mc before x

  • Hi shell. In all honesty I wouldnt advise getting one. I had one with my 2nd pregnancy and it wasnt that easy to pick up heartbeat. The thing is if you have trouble finding the hb it will worry u even more. Ive also miscarried b4 and I understand how worrying it is but just be aware that its not always easy to find hb even when baby is fine. Just maybe lying awkwardly. X
  • I got one as i miscarried. In the early days i tried not to worry if i couldnt find hb. id get up and walk around and try again. On one occasion it took me and hubby 25 mins to find. They are good if you dont get too obsessive with them and treat it light heartedly. If you think ud become too dependant id agree that its not a good idea. If you do decide to go for it, one piece of advice would be have a full bladder like you do for scan. It seems to help. X

  • hi thanks all ive ordered one i wont be going obsessive with it though it is hard when misscarried before scan is a week away so getting nervous now x

  • I just heard my baby's heartbeat today, at 9 weeks. It was anunmistakable rate of 180/h. Baby is about four fingers under belly buttom, slightly to the left. It took us about 25 minutes to find. So adorable! I rented my doppler online with Babybeat.

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