Boy or girl tell meeeeee :)


 Here my beautiful little 'squidge' at 12 weeks 5 days, any ideas on the sex?I simply cannot wait to see this little one again xxxx


  • Awwwww cute pic I guess girl. Will u find out at the next scan? X

  • i think girl x x
  • How come you thinks girl? just curious, I've read so many things online some of the old wives tails are great lol. Yeah I can find out at the next scan which is the 10th of jan seem sooo far away image but I. Considering paying for an early sexing scan at 16 weeks with a company called 'life through the lens' nice early christmas present for xxx

  • mine guess is a pure guess x
  • Yeah just a guess but sklls nice n round n think I can c a bit if a fork down below 

  • Well I have descant on the 14 th dec where I will find out the sex, so lets see if you ladies are right lol most other people who have seen the pic say girl too xxx 

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