Stretch marks

Hi ladies,

i m looking on abit of advice from fellow curvy ladies on how to keep pesky stretch marks At bay! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and my bump is noticeable but the could be due to mey BMi being slightly higher than what to should be, I'm jousting coco butter cream in the morning and an oil in the eve before bed on my sida and tummy. does anyone have any tips for stretch marks? 

Also if you're.a heavier gal, I'm 5ft 7  and approx 14 st at the mo a broad strong build so I carry my wright well but I dont want to put too much weight on so I've been gong to the gym at least twice a week to just walk on the treadmilanyhow do you keep the stretch marks and wobbly bits under control lol? Xxx


  • I wrote a blog on stretch marks a few weeks ago.There is no magic cure but it might give you some ideas on how to minimise them. Heres a link to it


  • im a very petite girl days away from my due date second pregnancy and i didnt get stretchmarks either time. both times i used bio oil twice a day. i do think i inherited my mothers skin and that was why i didnt get any but keeping excess weight gain down and skin hydrated does help.

  • Aww thanks will check it out now image xx

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