Early Movements what should it feel like ?

Hi All,

This is my 1st pregnancy and on Saturday i went walking when i came home and sat down i got these very light sensation feelings on my lower tummy , kind of like someone rubbing a feather off skin and again last night when i went to bed and lied down kind of tickeling feeling very light  ... would these be tiny movements im feeling ,

Im 15 and half weeks pregnant ?

Jen xxx


  • could be, although its still very very early. mine felt a little bit like gas bubbles only very low down in my pelvis. they started around 16 weeks with bith my pregnancies. just keep an eye on it and if they get stronger then its most likely baby. dont be alarmed though if you dont feel anything for several days. with both mine those early days and weeks where i felt movement, it was very on and off and i could have a day where i felt it a few times and then a few days of nothing. it depends a lot on how baby is lying. x

  • Hey,

    Thank so much for your reply its great to get some advise from mothers , ill sit tight as it is early , the little sensations im haivng are below my belly button , in my previosu scan the mid wife says the baby is very active as it was hopping around the place that was 4 weeks ago

    thanks for your reply xxx

  • my first feelings were around 17 weeks but i may feel something one day and then nothing for days after, it wasnt untill about 24 weeks that the movements became daily. Such an exciting time! X

  • It is indeed rose ,, i have it again this morning while sitting at my desk little tickle feeling now and then very light in my stomach image

  • Just you wait, last night i was getting kicked so much i couldnt sleep. Loved it!x

  • My first baby I felt it at about 16 17 weeks and it was just like fluttery shifting feelings. Got it around 11 weeks with this one. Now she's moving about all the time, love watching my belly moving and watching her tossing and turning about lol x

  • lol LH86 cant wait for that to start ,,, im just little over 16 weeks now its just like little tickle sensations hard to describe but never felt them before xx

  • Can't believe your 16 weeks already, everyone's pregnancies r flying by x

  • I'm 13 and feel the quickening 

    but this is my 3rd so they say you can feel it earlier on your 2-3 rd 

    congrats !!!!!

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