Aches and pains

Hello everybody! finally got my bfp after two years ttc. Im over the moon but so worried about every little ache and pain. At the moment im in bed with pain on my right hand side and I cant sleep with the worrying. Has anyone else felt similar at 5 weeks? I have docs appointment in the morning so hoping that will shed some light. 


  • Hi MercyBless

    Firstly big CONGRATS to you xx

    I had all these aches and pains.  My midwife explained that its just the body changing in order to make room for the little one to grow.  As long you're not suffering any bleeding then all should be good.  Try to relax and enjoy the ride image

  • Thankyou for replying image, doctor did a pelvic exam and said alls fine but just cant wait for early scan. Bit scary this whole experience when you dont know what to expect, so excited though just need to relax and enjoy it all as you said. Congratulations to you LVM x

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