please help

hi all i recieved my angelsounds jumper heart beat doppler yesterday decided to try it out last night i got a free tube of gel had to use quite abit i kept hearing bubbling and swishing sounds abit like the wind blowing i heard a heartbeat just below belly button around pubic bone area would that of been babies as lasted about a min then i had to find it again and i did or could it be my own hb im so nervous got dating scan soon and wanna know all is ok 


  • oh hun its really soon to hear heart beat (think we are about the same) when i went to mw with my first at 13 weeks she couldnt find the hb. it normal try to calm down and not worry. when is your scan???

  • scan is on tuesday i do worry as wanna know all is ok as heard some sounds on doppler but will have to see i guess just scared 

  • Same day as me! Bless you ive had two scans and I'm still worried xx big hugs xx
  • when you find a heartbeat, check your pulse at the same time. If its twice as quick than your own its baby's, and if it matches your pulse it would be yours via the placenta. If you time for a minute it should be upwards of 120 bpm. the wooshing sound can be a mix of baby moving and the placenta so all good sounds. As puddy said it is early, but it could well be. if no luck, try again in a week or two. Dont panic though, as i said before it takes lots of practise, and its early days, also a full bladder helps!xx

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