12 week scan tomorrow and petrified

Im 13 weeks and have my 12 week scan tomorrow and im so scared they wont find a heartbeat image Had a early scan at 7 due to a tiny bit of spotting which was caused by a bruise on the inside and seen babies heartbeat and all was ok. Now its like the official I'm starting to worry that it just wont be there anymore. A couple close family and friends no and all i get from them is "awww send me a picture of the scan" when all im just thinking of is the heartbeat. Im gone be so terrified when im laying there and will just be thinking any minuet they will say i had a mmc :/


  • Good luck Hayleigh. I hope everything goes okay. I know exactly how you feel. Please try not to worry x

  • I think most women feel the same. I think it's natural to worry when it's something you want so badly but have no control over.

    Try to enjoy seeing your bubba on the big screen. I hope all is ok for you tomorrow. 


  • Good luck, its normal to worry but im sure all will be fine. Xx

  • You will be fine! If all was ok at seven weeks, I'm sure everything will be fine today image xxx
  • How did u get on? X

  • Hi Haleigh , hope all went well today n you saw a lovely heartbeat x x

  • Hi all image

    Everything was great! Babies heartbeat was ticking away fast and the nurse said everything seemed ok. I cant believe how much of a baby they look now! The only down side was for some reason my hospital doesnt let you hear the heartbeat. I dont no if they just do this for the 12 week scan all all of them :/

    If so it looks like i'll be paying for a doppler as i really want to hear it image xx
  • my hospital don't listen to the heart till the 20 week scan either. Not even had it checked by a midwife yet Either! Glad all is well x

  • Congrats! Am pleased all went well! Enjoy!x

  • Awww brilliant! Congratulations! Iv had loads of scans and not once did they let me listen to the heartbeat! But each time I went the midwife, she used the Doppler (from 16 weeks) so we could hear the baby image xxx
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