Is this a positive pregnancy test?

Hello all, I am a frequent lurker, first time poster and if i can get confirmation soon about my tests below, i'll be a frequent poster image we have been TTC for about 3 months now and I've been taking a test each month so far. I took a test on Wednesday night which was a BFN but I took two this morning (Sunday) and this is how they look (see pic) What do you reckon? 



I've been keeping track of how often we've been TCC and i had a full proper period around mid/late October so if this is a positive test, how do you know how many weeks it is because I had a negative test just on Wednesday - could i only be 4 days pregnant? (My period is 5 days late btw). Or could this just be a false positive?  I know I should wait a month until I know for sure but i'm so inpatient!

Any advice greatly received.  Thank you.


  • yes it is - congratulations image

  • thank you flee! i can't believe it - with my first child i'm sure the lines were a lot closer together.  If i did a Digital one would it come up pregnant right away or should I wait a few days?

  • in my last pregnancy, I used the internet cheapies, and I still got BFN a week after I got a positive in a Clear Blue Digitial saying 1-2 weeks. So I'd say you are defo pg, and if you do a digi then you will cetainly get "pregnant".

    I did the exact same thing on Wednesday - used my cheapy internet and it came up straight away. when I knew that was the case, I used the digi and it came up 2-3 I'm a bit further on than I thought. So I think I'm about 5-6 weeks (hopefully).

    Good luck hun - keep us posted.

    Ann-Marie x

  • Thank you for being so helpful Flee. I'll go and see if my local co-op has a digital test and take one in the morning image i just checked the date of my last period and it was 16th Oct so apparently i'm already 4 weeks gone!! I kept track of symptoms with a pregnancy/ttc app i have on my phone and in the last week of October i had crazy symptoms like headaches, cravings for sweet stuff, mucus, cranky, cramps, breast tenderness. omg! 

  • But...why would the test on Wednesday be negative?

  • are you asking if mine was negative on Wednesday?  No, both were positive - BFP and due July (maybe 19th), my last period was 9th Oct.

    sorry if I've picked u up wrong. 

    good luck


  • haha sorry nah i mean i also did a test on a wednesday (last wednesday, so 4 days before i did this one this morning) and that was negative..this pregnancy test malarky is confusing! lol. My last period was Oct 16, you and I could be birth buddies! lol

  • just did a third test on the ebay brought Hcg ones and it is completely negative. i walked to the co-op to get a more exxy test but they don't even sell pregnancy tests there! will have to wait till tomorrow now to get a proper test image I need to wee a heck of a lot though so i have a good feeling i am pregnant, but won't fully believe it until one of those digital ones (and a GP) tells me so. 

  • Hi babe I see line image

    I'm 4 weeks and 1 day last AF was 19th of October, I tested last Monday with both cheep and digital got faint lines on cheep but not pregnant on digital, by Thursday I got 1-2 weeks pregnant on clear blue digital and went to doctors Friday and he also did a test.

    Some times if your very early testing the digital will not pick it up but if your a week late use the digital with first morning wee image other wise is try using first response boots are doing a 3 pack for the price of 2 at the moment, but I defo see lines on the test you have put up xx
  • Flee congrates also on you bfp image have started a babies due in July 2014 thread both please come along and join us image xx
  • Thanks Sarah and Flee, you've been very helpful. My wonderful OH went to boots and got me a clear blue digital twin pack image so i'll have to wait for my morning wee in the morning before i take my fourth (and probably most accurate) test! This afternoon/night is going to drag soo much! thankfully I'm a Celeb and Xfactor are on at leastimage

  • Good luck Aussie babe image what a wonderful other half and your very good at waiting if be test lol

    I'm a pain like that but they are not cheep lol

    Yes lucky u I would love to watch a bit of notmal tv....other half has the footy on!
  • Sarah tell him to switch that off and put on something worth while! lol. 

    I reallllyy want to do this digital test now! but I have been wee'ing all day so certain that if i do it now the result won't be accurate. time is dragging! tempted to go to bed early just so i can wake up in the early hours and do the test lol. My OH Is home from work at around 2:30am - Do you think i'l be able to do the test then? Would that count as the first wee of the day? lol 

  • Lol if you stop drinking from around 7 tonight then yes I don't see why it wouldn't work just try not to pee for about 4 hours, I'd be the same and yes if you been peeing loads all day it might not show up so best to wait even tho I know it's megga hard to wait huni image and just think I u wait for other half you can share seeing the bfp together image I did mine at lunch time and felt guilty for not waiting for my partner but I just had to do it lol xxx
  • Thank you Sarah and Flee for all your advice. Good luck to you both. Will be posting back here in the morning with the (hopefully good) news x

  • good luck hun xxxx

  • Brill can't wait xxx
  • Morning huni did u test? Xx
  • I have read this thread and also am wondering if you tested and if it came up positive?


  • Hope she is ok xxx
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