Still confused about my babys EDD

At my dating scan my baby measured different to my lmp which i hear is normal but when we were told the EDD i counted back 38 weeks to fins out conception it was a day we didnt have sex, actually we didnt have sex until after this date. We had a lot of sex the following week as it was our honeymoon. I think my dates might be wrong.Has anyone else had this problem? 


  • Yes 38 weeks before my edd I hadn't even ovulated and we hadn't had sex. I know exactly the date we conceived and this puts my edd back a few days but going on dating scan they brought it forward. same thing happened with my first, but she ended up coming 10 days early anyway. It's really only an estimate baby will come when he/she is good n ready so don't worry about it. 

  • the edd is only an educated guess and your baby is unlikely to be born that day anyways. with my son, my edd was moved fwd by a few days and he was born 2 days past the new dd. this time round my edd wasnt brought fwd although i also know when we conceived and im now 40+5 with no sign of baby coming any time soon. by my estimation he/she should have been born about a week ago, given when we conceived, but that just shows how unpredictable babies are.

  • My youngest dd date menu that I'd got a positive test before I'd concieved lol and she was 3 weeks early so don't worry its a guessing game as far as I can tell
  • They count from the first day of ur cycle, so that's the first day of ur period image so technically, when they say u are 6 weeks pregnant, you only really conceived about 4 weeks ago if u get me lol x
  • Jeeeez Lindsay, 

    How many times are you going to ask the same question on this forum? You have been asking the same question since you have conceived  and created several posts on this site - Jesus Christ - get a life! Who bloody cares when you conceived??? As long as you are having a happy and healthy baby - that should be more important than the day of conception.

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