16 weeks pregnant lots of cramping and pains on left hand side

Hi as the title saids I'm suffering quite a lot of pain low down on my pelvis only on my left hand side mostly painful when I stand up after sitting down or even rolling over in bed and coughing or sneezing well that's real painful I'm just wondering if it's normal for 16 weeks pregnant. Im seeing a doctor at the hospital in two days so was going to ask then I think I just want some reassurance. Thanks to anyone in advance.


  • Hey Hun it might just be baby is pressing on a nerve or in an awkward position. I've been in agony on a daily basis with this one, never remembered being in too much pain with my first x

  • Thanks hun yeah it's so weird all the things I'm experiencing with this one that I never remember having with my last one although I blame it on the 6 year age gap and fact I'm older plus I read more on internet now so heard horrible stories and am more concerned when things happen then I was with my other pregnancy.
  • Sounds like broad/round ligament pain. It's common to get when you move suddenly, cough or sneeze. Quite a stabbing pain!


    Don't worry too much but worth asking your midwife


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