Please help I need some advice! I was a week late on my period so I done 3 pregnancy tests that have all come up positive. I had light spotting on Sunday so I went to a & e and they done another pregnancy test and the results come back negative. I started bleeding a bit heavier on Monday but I really don't think it was a period and now I don't have any bleeding. What are people's thoughts please. I'm going out of my mind! Xx


  • The only way to tell really is to test again in a week or so as even if that was a miscarriage the hormone stays in your system for a few weeks. Fx for u xx

  • Thank u. I am going to test again in a week! I did think maybe I had a miscarriage but I havnt had any pains or cramps what so ever. I'm just hoping that I am pregnant and the bleeding was implantation xx
  • Good luck keep us posted x

  • Thanks for everyone's replies. I went to the doctors this morning and they can't give me an answer. I've got to go for blood tests in 2 weeks. She said that it doesn't seem a like a m/c. So fingers crossed xx
  • Hi girls. Just to let u no, I done a hpt this morning and it came back negative! image do U all think I may have had a mc then? X
  • It's possible u had a chemical miscarriage, but without any confirmation docs won't put it down, i had one in January - I had a faint positive Tuesday, managed to get into docs on the Wednesday n had scan and bloods Friday, bloods confirmed hcg levels were low and the scan just showed increased womb lining and a cyst which u get in early pregnancy, by Sunday I had miscarried/had a period. I was told my body had absorbed it as it wasnt strong enough to become a pregnancy. It wasn't painful or anything, probably because there was nothing 'to pass' as such. I'm actually going through the same at the moment, I took a test Friday just gone, and had a faint positive, so i tested yesterday and today and am getting the same result. I have stomach cramps as if I'm going to start my period and also sore nipples, I've noticed today that I am weeing a lot, but I am drinking loads as I have a cold. It's driving me mad not knowing! I'm going to book docs appointment tomorrow, but I guess only time will tell if this is another chemical miscarriage or will become a full pregnancy! X
  • Thanks Stacey. Fingers crossed everything's ok. Just got to keep trying again for me now! Xx
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