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on tuesday i had my dating scan and was tested for downs syndrome she said all is fine with baby for the stage im at in pregnancy just wondering how will i get the results and how long do the results take 


  • yay for your scan!!! hope you can chill out a bit now xx

  • i am defo chilled out now just wondering how i would know if something was wrong xx

  • I got a letter about a week later saying my chances of having a baby with downs syndrome. It said im in a low risk category as my chances are 1 in 9700. The blood tests that you have measure factors that could put you at increased risk. I think anything from 1 in 2 to 1 in 150 is classed as high risk. If you are put into high risk thays when further testing would be offered.X

  • I got mine at my 16 week appointment, was 1 in 20k with my first am 1 in 50k with this one x

  • Wow thats a very low risk!x

  • aww thankyou all im due 31st may 2014 she said when done scan baby is fine and at right size for the stage im at i just worry about the bloods as hate waiting xx

  • Dont worry im sure all will be fine!x

  • thankyou all will try not to worry x

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