Am I pregnant or is it still too early??? HELP

Hello ladies,


I'm nervous to post about this, but I want some womanly advise. image I just took a First Response Pregnancy Test and there is one really dark pink line, and there is also a VERY light pink line.   Also, to be a little more detailed, My last period was November 1-5th. I think my next period is due the 28th or 29th (around Thanksgiving), so maybe it's too early to tell.  My husband and I just got married in September, so we only just started trying November 7th. I'm not trying to get my hopes up, but I HOPE I HOPE!!! Please help!!!!!





  • Hi

    I can see a faint line, my first test 2 days before my period was due was also really faint, I made OH take one too just to see the difference lol, try in couple of days, I know that's easier said than done tho

  • Looks like your preg Hun congrats image my first positive test was a first response and it was waaaaaaay fainter than that. I mean way fainter. I'm almost 30 weeks now xx

  • congrats! imageimage x
  • Thank you ladies! I appreciate any advise I can get.  LH86, did you end up taking other tests after your faint line one? I'm hesitant to get too excited, because it's so faint.  I'd be so sad if it turns out to be negative.  Should I take another one tomorrow and the next day???? I don't know if I can wait for several more days to test again... AHHHHH!!!

  • Yeah I took loads lol and the line got darker and darker. Do one with first morning urine tomorrow and it should come up a bit darker. Seriously though my line was so faint a lot of people said it was a negative but I could see it I knew it was there. And it was so much lighter than yours. x

  • That makes me feel like theres hope for a positive! OMG OMG OMG!!!! i will test tomorrow morning and post another picture! Please keep a look out! LOL


  • Congrates that line is darker than the first bfp I got image
  • Congrats, I hope it is not too early

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