Aches and Pains at almost 14 weeks

Hiya Ladies,  I hope you are all well.

Im looking for advice please, im almos 14 weeks pregnant and Im experiencing some aches and period like pains intermittently did anyone else suffer from these?  Im hoping its normal with everything stretching...  I had a miscarriage in may so am obviously a little concerned, paranoid maybe!!!!xxxx


  • Aches and mild pains are quite normal and will continue through pregnancy as baby grows, however if the pains are severe or you have bleeding you must see the doc. Mild pains are really common though. Im sure all is fine hun! image x

  • i have same. Im 15 weeks twins. am sure its normal image

    x x
  • Hya thanks for getting back to me.They seem to have disappearednow, mind you was on my feet a lot sat xmas shopping!!!  Roll on may when baby is due.   You both ok?xx

  • Good thanku. Just counting down the next three weeks!

  • woo hoo how exciting... how you feeling?  You all prepared?

  • Hi image

    This is normal so dont worry image

    Im 16 weeks and also get them, especially like you have mentioned that you have been doing crimbo shopping so on feet all day. This is when mine seem to occur, even sometimes when im doing food shopping.

    I asked my midwife when i last seen her as also when im out and i need a wee my right side tends to ache. She said this is normal and not to worry that its just the baby and everything growing image

    If you have any concerns then best person to ask will be your midwife image dont ask your doctor if there useles like mine is xx
  • Hiya Hayleigh how are you?  Thanks for getting back to me its a stressful time  isnt it.  Oh i get that too its awful when you need to wee that ache is v unconfatable.xx

  • Hi image im ok thanks

    How you feeling today?

    Yep very! My boyfriend gets fed up of me coming out with things like well what if its this or what if its that lol. I blame the internet though i never panicked until i started reading horrible things!

    Where in the second trimester though and for something bad to happen is a really slim chance now. Whens your next scan for the sex? Mines 27th this month and I'm so nervous! Xx
  • Hiya Hayleigh,


    Im good thanks, you?  Sickness is easing off too which is a good thing.  Oh I know what you feel, I think its normal to be concerned.  Have you felt the baby move yet?  I havent yet I cant wait supposedly its between 16 and 22 weeks.  Im off for Downs syndrome test today, have you had that yet?  Oh not long till your scan then, only natural to be a little concerned im the same.  Weve got ours on Jan 6th.  You going to find out the sex?  Im not going to, mind you will be a whole different story when Im in there.  I just hope baby is ok...there I go worrying againxx

  • Yeah I'm alright thanks! Just want christmas to be over with and for 27th to come lol

    Well I've felt little flutters every now and then but no actual movements yet! I really want to feel them though as will help ease my mind but knowing me soon as i do il be getting worried if i don't feel loads lol. This is my first and they say with your first it can take awhile to feel movements image

    Did you not have the screening during the 12 week scan? They took measurements of the baby there and then and took blood from me. The results came back as 1 in 95000 which is really low risk and no tests were further needed.

    How old are you as my midwife said the younger you are (I'm 23) the less chance of baby having it.

    Yeah I'm going to find out the sex image a lot of people are saying don't but it makes it easier to buy things. Im gone be so nervous though as the scan woman I've had her twice now and shes soo quiet and hardly talks and doesn't say what she's looking at so I'm hoping its not her again lol.

    And yeah Me too I'm just hoping baby is ok with the next scan. We seen the arms legs mouth nose ears and eyes on the last one so we know all those are there but its still scary as they can pick up on other things.

    Whens your due date? Try not to worry too much about today. All though i do haha but I'm sure everything will be ok image xx
  • The younger u r the less chance generally speaking. I was 1 in 20000 when I was 22 and now at 27 was 1 in 54000! Good luck for scans xx

  • Hiya Hayleigh,


    Just got back from blood test. At the 12 week one they did measurement and bloods bit the quad test isnt done until 16 weeks so Ive had that today.  positive thoughtsx

  • Whats the quad test? Ive never heard of that and never mentioned it to me?

    All i had was measurements and blood taken at the 12 week scan but i was 13 weeks and then thats it

    Im sure all will be ok. Xx
  • The qyad test is a blood test where they check for genetic illnesses the main ones are downs syndrome and spina bifida.  They dont do it where we live until 16 weeks however they mayhave done it in your trust at your 12 week s can/x

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