Light positive test result!

Hi just want a second opinion. I had a chemical miscarriage in January 4 days after getting a faint positive result, I had an early scan cos of spotting, which showed thickened womb lining and a cyst (which u get in early pregnancy apparently) but no signs of a pregnancy, also my hcg level was reducing in a blood test, 2 days later I miscarried. I did a test Friday lunchtime and after 4 minutes a positive line showed, faint but there. I did another Saturday morning, then Saturday evening, also one this morning (Sunday) all results are faint and I have to wait the max amount of time stated to be able to see it. I've been looking online and it says hcg levels double every 2-3 days so I'm hoping by the middle of the wk to have a more prominent line! but I have tender nipples and stomach cramps as if I'm going to start my period and the odd bout of nausea but this goes if I eat, my periods are always irregular every 4-6wks and it will be 6wks tomorrow. With the one in January I had sore nipples and period like cramps, so I'm just wondering if this is happening again? Any feedback? Thanks Stacey x


  • I have a faint pregnancy test result,,..what does it mean?
  • Stacey if that's a tesco test then that's a positive as I used those and got super faint lines, am almost 30 weeks now, congrats xx

  • Thanks and 2 u aswell! image yes it is a tesco one, I've taken 2 of those and both the same, also 2 asda ones which r also the same. Just worried cos of the chemical miscarriage that it's going to happen again as I have got a few cramps image. Apple vista it can be numerous things, u have tested early so ur hcg level isn't very strong, so leave 2/3 days and retest. I had one done at family planning clinic in January and it was positive she said it could mean I'm only 2-3wks pregnant, but sadly it didn't, was just that my hcg was reducing due to having a chemical miscarriage (found out through blood tests). Xx
  • defo positive -)imageimage
  • Defo positive I'm 5 weeks and 2 days and also had a m/c less than 4 months ago and iv been having cramps but doctors have said if there is no bleeding not to worry it's just my body getting ready and shifting around and stretching, I know it's hard not to worry.

    Iv got my first midwifes tomoz at 9:30 so that will help, I have done a clear blue digital over last 2 weeks and it's gone from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks so feeling happier
  • That's great Sarah, I will get one of them to see, I did another today and it's still a faint positive was hoping it would have got darker by now but nope image I have docs on Wednesday to confirm the pregnancy, so might ask if they will do blood test for my peace of mind to make sure hcg levels r where they should be. After all my painful cramps yesterday I haven't had any blood as yet, fingers and toes r crossed that it works out! Hope urs goes well hun x
  • And to you babe keep us posted xx
  • Started bleeding this evening image blood tests tomorrow, doctor phoned up to book me for scan, but early pregnancy have now changed the scanning to 7wks and I'm 6wks so they won't do one! X
  • Push for a scan I'm having one tomoz and I'm 5 weeks and 3 days, if your bleeding they will see you x
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