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hi all im 13 weeks 5 days today will i be able to hear babys hb with doppler or is it still early any tips etc 


  • I used angel sounds first time round and heard hb at about 14 weeks but did have times when I couldn't find her. This time I used a midwife style doppler and it worked from about 12 weeks x

  • thankyou will try it on saturday then and see as will be 14 weeks then will be nice to hear xx

  • I got mine at about 13 weeks and could hear the little hb straight away! I always find it in the same place now - always on the left side, quite low down. I would say give it a bash - just be patient image Good luck! X


  • with my first baby i rented a doppler at 10wks and i picked up the heartbeat straight away. i was slim back then though lol. iv recently had my 3rd baby i rented a doppler at 9weeks, it took me 3days to find it, so i was 9wks and 3days but i got it. then after that there was days when i could not find it and days when i could until gone around 11wks. it was cheap to rent also, around 10-15£ a month so was well worth it to keep my mind at ease lol x



    also if i was find it hard to find the heartbeat i little trick i would do is put alot of gel on my tummy, then move the probe up to just under my belly button and point it down towards my toes so it was on quite an angle, then move it slowly across my tummy, always seamed to work image

  • ive heard a hb now a few times just not sure if its mine or babys as aint heard babys before xxx

  • Baby's will be fast, when your listening try and find you own pulse at the same time baby's will be about twice as fast as yours. Sometimes you will hear the blood flow thru the placenta like a squishy whooshy sound. There's also 2 big arteries one on each side of the uterus so if the beat matches your pulse then it'll be one of those. X

  • i always seem to find it in the same place so now confused as i do hear a whooshy sound as im still quite slim even though im my ideal weight plus abit more now xxx

  • Maybe your hearing the placenta. Baby's is like galloping horses or a train chugging lol, you'll know it when u get it xx

  • im sure ive heard one of them sounds will try again soon is it best to have afull bladder and to have legs up xx


  • I just used to lay on my back not sure about bladder x

  • just tryed again and found a hb just below belly button to the left abit is that mine 

  • If it matches your pulse then yeah it's yours x

  • i found it again directly below belly button and heard it for about a min dont like the headphones they give with doppler wish there was a speaker way x

  • Hi,

    I have an angel sounds fetal heart doppler too! But I'm 30 weeks, I only purchased it a few weeks ago.

    But, from 12th week of pregnancy and onward's, you should be able to hear.

    Good luck!

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