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HCG Blood Scan Results


I am back! I posted a few threads a week ago or so, because I had confusing pregnancy test results. I AM currently pregnant. I had to go to the doctors on Tuesday for cramping and brown spotting.  They did a vaginal ultra sound, and said that the lining of my uterus is already almost 2 CM thick, which is just about the thickest it's supposed to get for a pregnancy.  I then had blood work done, and one of the things that came back were the results for my beta-HCG blood screen.  My HCG level was at 135 at 3 weeks, 5 days.  I just got my second screen this morning, and my results are already in! My HCG levels went from 135 to 434.  The doctor didn't seem to concerned with my brown discharge, and just wanted to see that my HCG count has at least doubled, which obviously it did. I'm really happy about that.  Today, as I am now 4 weeks along, I am confused as to why I still have brown discharge on the toilet paper. Does anyone else have this too? My first official ultra sound (or as some ladies in the UK might say "scan") isn't until December 20th, when I am 7 weeks so I can see the heartbeat. Anyone have any suggestions or words of encouragement?


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