TV scan today

Finally the day has arrived, hopefully my last tv scan to measure cervical length and find out if I'm likely to make it to my due date! Anyone else had this done? Very nervous xx


  • Ahh good luck chick. Let me know how you get on!x

  • Cheers Hun am bricking it but only 9 weeks left so whatever they say it can't b that bad xx

  • Good luck today chick I had a scan done at 36 weeks don't know if it's the same sort of thing tho xx
  • Baby cud come today and be fine hun so dont worry!! Easier said than done though, coming from one of the biggest worriers ever! image x

  • Well amazingly enough my cervix has grown rather than shrunk lol! Now a whopping 4.8cm so may even go over. Bad news is she's breech lol, little monkey x

  • Thats great news. So shes all good in there. Baby was breech up untill 32 weeks with me. I didnt even feel him flip over lol. When will they scan again x

  • If she turns then that's it no more scans. Fingers crossed she flips over. How u getting on x

  • Ive got a stinking cold but otherwise fine. Still have to keep going in for checks. Am in for a quick scan today and then growth check friday. Am hoping they will tell me hes had a big growth spurt friday! Csection is two weeks thurs so not long! Hoping she flips over for you, what can they do if she doesnt?x

  • Omg that's so soon, how exciting! think they try something called ECV where they try n flip the baby Manually. If not I guess they'll recommend a c sec as not many hospitals will try and deliver a breech baby vaginally. Really don't want a c sec tho not ideal having a 4 year old n oh working like 100 miles away! X

  • How do they move baby manually? Im sure she will get into right position. Must be such a relief to not fear going into labour so early now! X

  • I think I may still go early tbf, Caitlin was almost 2 weeks early but that's fine as I'm fed up now anyway lol. It's called ecv it looks vile. They give a drip to relax uterine muscles then push the baby up out your pelvis and spin it round. I watched a video it looks horrendous lol. But apparently it can have complications, and if baby gets distressed it can end up in an emergency c sec. Like u say I'm sure she'll flip over x

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