Please help getting myself into an awfull upset state ?

Hi all,

I have been growing concered the last few days, at weeks 16 + 17  i was getting lots of little tickels which i put down to the baby starting to move, however over a week now its gone very few and far between. Im also worried im not showing enough for just 5 months.

Is this normal this is my 1st preganncy. I have googeled a lot and its making it worse as there are lots of posts with 1st time mothers feeling these really full on at my stage 19 weeks and before ??


Please help i cant sleep or eat with the worry ,,, i have my big scan now Friday week ?

thanks and apprecaite any advise at all

luv jen x



  • U wont necessarily feel movement everyday. I didnt track movement everyday until about 26 weeks so u are still early on. if you have had no pain or bleed i wouldnt be concerned. Can u get in with midwife and she can check hb and things?x

  • Hi Rose,

    I have due to see her Friday week and im a public patient so its appointment based. I had two 3 scans so far one at 7 weeks , one at 12 weeks and one at 16 weeks and the doctor said everything looked great , spine developement, shape of head etc etc baby was jumping around.

    I hve had no pain or bleeding maybe im worrying unnecessary , i just was feeling a lot more flutters up to 10 days ago , i have had the odd ones here and there just not as noticiable ?


  • My baby still has quiet days Hun. At 19 weeks you won't necessarily feel lots of movement, I was 23/24 weeks with my first before I started feeling regular movements. It can all depend on how baby lies as well. Good luck for ur scan I'm sure all will b fine also size doesn't always matter I was huge with my first n had a 7lb 2oz baby, this time I'm tiny but they say it's fine. You will pop out one day soon chick xx

  • Thanks LH86 + Rose,

    Your mail has calmed me down and made me think im been a bit dramatic , probobly just cause first and am a worrier anyhow.

    I hope your both gertting on well and enjoying every minuite xxxxx

  • Those 'flutters' could have been 'wind' or 'baby' (it's easy to confuse the two) so try not to worry.  A lot of picking up movement will depend upon both how baby is positioned & how your placenta is positioned - if your placenta is at your front you will likely feel things less than if it is at your back (think about somebody hitting you with a cushion in the way & without a cushion in the way).

    With my eldest my placenta was my front & I wasn't aware of any defined movement until almost 24wks into term.  With my youngest my placenta was in my back & I felt strong defined kicks from 15wks. Xx

  • Please try not to worry. I remember going days without feeling movement in the early days. If baby is facing inwards u wouldnt feel all the kicks. If you are really worried phone your midwife but im sure she will say the same. My hospital tell you not to start counting kicks until 28 weeks and wont even see you before then xx

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