need help

Hi i am 28 weeks pregnant. I have been suffering from really bad back pain since last night. I couldn't sleep and now i am crying with the pain its that sore. I cant lye on either side or my back as its too sore. Should i be worried? Please help


  • I have been having severe back pain. Think my girl is back to back but found out yest she is breech as well so don't think that helps. But if it's so bad it's unbearable then I would definitely see a doctor or call ur midwife for reassurance x

  • The pain is unreal & i got whooping couch jag yesterday and my arm is just dead cant lift it up without it bein agony. The pain from my back is same pain in arm its really sore tryed lying different ways and nothing helps.
  • I'd call a midwife as that doesn't sound right Hun x

  • A called the maternity triage they told me to take a paracetomal if pain doesn't ease ave to phone back x
  • Keep us posted x

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