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Hi gals

So, I'm currently 16 wks and 3 days, no sickness no symptoms nothing, a pretty flawless pregnancy in all however, my feller g and I suppose hormones are cause g me problems! my pregnancy was planned it was all I ever wanted and most of the time I'm over the moon about it, but other times I have these  negative days where I'm like what on earth am I doing? And I worry about e dry thing, money,work, how it will effect my relationship etc, and then I feel bad for feeling that way, so that makes me feel worse still. It's just a roller coaster of emotions I can't seem to get a grip of it when I have a bad day. Anyone one else been through the same sort of thing? Xx


  • Yeah it's hormones hunny. Me n oh argues loads throughout my first preg as I was just like a monster. This time round I've been ok up until about a week ago, guess it's my hormones changing as I just feel miserable n stressed n fed up but I don't know why lol. Babies do crazy things to your body and your mind!! X

  • Lowey,

    I only found out yesterday that I am expecting and on my way back to work from the supermarket at lunch I suddenly thought "Oh my god. Our lives are going to change forever" I was texting hubby and I asked is he excited yet and just text back saying "Its a big change, just worried thats all." I am the main earner in our house and it looks like DH is either going to have to cut back to 15 hours a week (in which case we will have to look for childcare) or stop work.

    We had planned (but not booked!) to go away in July to a gorgeous hotel next to where we honeymooned. Looks like thats out the window as I will be due in August. No drink over Christmas. Moving our house around to fit a baby and the stuff to go with it. Potentially moving house too.

    I have gone from giddy emotions to having tears brimming in my eyes. So I would say its normal.

  • Agree with the above, it's a massive life change. I have days when I wake up n think how the f**k am I gona deal with 2 rowdy girls, school run etc. what the hell have I done!? Sometimes I wonder if I've done the right thing getting pregnant when I knew I was potentially facing redundancy (sadly at 9 weeks I lost my job) but u know when uve got that baby in ur arms it's all worth it n u wonder what u ever did with ur life before them x

  • Mrs 2012 - I'm so glad you feel the same as me tbh, Im I. The same situation towho worried about work or having to just quit because child care is so expensive and we currently live in a 2 bed house which we were planning on moving next year before baby but the stress of moving I don't think I can cope with. Lh86 you're right it will all be worth it in the end but women are cursed with worrying! I'm the kind of person who always has a plan and now there's so much uncertainty it gets me down, I'm just trying to think of the women who unfortunately can't get pregnant and would do anything to be in my position, maybe a kick up the race is what's needed! Lol xxx

  • *arce not race silly iPad! 

  • U will b just fine Hun x

  • Lowey, I am the same. I hate uncertainty in everyday life, more so now. 


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