Head spinning while lying down?

Hi all, had a terrible nights sleep again last night, every time I moved or turned from one side to the other as soon as my head hit the pillow the room started spinning. Never had this before it was horrible n made me feel sick. Had my bp checked on mon n it was a little lower that usual but still fine, and it's not like I'm turning over too fast as I can't move anything quickly at the mo lol. Not in any pain, no bleeding etc. Any ideas? X


  • It says in one of my books light headedness can occur because of more blood flow to baby. It says to lay down, move slowly if you experience it and dont suddenly stand up or change position. This is possibly one of the few pregnancy symptoms i seem to have escaped! If its happening a lot id mention to midwife. X

  • It was so weird not had it before just last night every time I laid down it all started spinning. Like I was falling. But when I got up this morning I was fine n have been since. My Bp is at it's lowest yet looking at my notes it's got lower n lower. And I don't think I've been drinking enough fluids so that prob doesn't help x

  • Why could your bp be dropping? Are they monitoring that?x

  • No I don't think it's so low as to b concerned. It just gets lower each time. Don't see mw now till New Year's Eve but if this fizziness carries on I'll give them a call x how u feeling? X

  • Dizziness lol

  • Fizziness sounds interesting! image Grotty, cant sleep as can barely breathe or swallow. Plus hubby is snoring away!!

  • Bless u, yeah my oh snores like a pig. Drives me nuts x

  • Ended up moving to the sofa, what with me tossing and turning and oh snoring, was not a good nights sleep!x

  • Hi

    Are you laying too flat? If you are too flat baby's weight will push on your aorta which will drop your blood pressure. It's not good for either of you.

    I had low bp in my last pregnancy and was advised to move slowly and drink as much water as possible.

    Because it is worrying you and given how many weeks you are I think you should visit the midwife.

    Definitely keep an eye. X
  • Thanks, I keep getting it while I'm up and about as well for example set at table writing cards and when I looked down my head went funny, just the last few days. I'm trying not to move too fast and will keep drinking plenty and see if it gets any better x

  • Oh Hun. That does sound like low bp.

    They also say head between your knees to help. I think also to sit down and be careful when standing up or getting out of bed.

    Hope you feel better x
  • Thanks Hun x

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