ill at 35 weeks

Ive picked up a horrible bug, my glands are swollen amd my throat kills and im completely congested image  Im feeling terrible at the minute. Im 35 weeks pregnant and worried that me being ill will affect baby. Can anyone offer advice on how to relieve symptoms and shift this? Ive had my fly jab. 


  • Bless ur heart, baby will b just fine Hun. Head over a bowl of hot water with Vicks, Vicks on ur chest, halls soothers and lockets. I found boiled water with honey and lemon juice very soothing too. Every1 seems to have it today half the mums in the playground have woke up with it this morn. Have u been docs to rule out needing antibiotics? X

  • it wont affect your baby hun. i had a tummy bug at nearly 39 weeks with this bubba and while i felt like crap, baby was absolutely fine and born 2 weeks later.

  • Awwww congrats u had ur lil man? X

  • Thank you ladies, havent moved from bed really today. Havent been to the doctors yet, will see how i am tomorrow and if i still feel rotten will book an appointment. I hope it disappears as quick as it came. Bloody winter and its bugs! I can feel bub moving so i think hes happy enough, if nothing else i am back up the hospital friday so will mention then incase i need antibiotics but think its probably just a nasty cold! Xx

  • LH86 - we had a little girl actually! my username still refers to our older son, now 2. i went a week over and had to be induced as my ctg check at 41 weeks wasnt ideal and they wanted baby out. but she was born in 2 hours start to finish, waterbirth, and perfectly healthy. when are you due?

    rose 86 - you tend to feel worse when pg, even if its just a nasty cold. make sure you get enough rest and fluids and def see a doctor if you dont feel better soon.

  • Thanks jvl!x

  • Awwww congrats hun!! Glad all is well. I'm due on 7th feb 9 weeks 1 day n counting! She's breech ATM so hoping she'll turn pretty soon x

  • Aww I know you're all feeling rotten but it's good to see that you guys are still chirpy.

    Been a while since I've been on! Nice to see some familiar names and stories xx
  • Hows the mrs mate? X

  • Not had the easiest ride of it to be honest, she's currently off work on bed rest as she has SPD? She's gotten very big, and is having quite a bit of pain. Hopefully she'll be right soon but she doesn't moan, she's just glad baby is ok x
  • Im suffering with spd so can sympathise. cant wait to meet my little guy now though. Am glad that all is going well for you though image x

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