Worried about DH

So we are getting used to the idea of me expecting. Im a bit worried about DH.

We have been together 10 years, married for 1. We have always had quite a good lifestyle, meals out, holidays, able to buy what we wanted etc. When I first took a strip test, he said "Well it says it needs an obvious line." So I went and bought some clear digis and they showed (one wee at night, one wee in the morning) that I am 1-2 weeks pregnant. Went to the GP yesterday who referred me to the MW.

DH text yesterday in response to my text of is he a little excited that he is just worried and its a big change. I said to him I was scared too and that we will manage somehow. I asked did he want to sit and talk about it and he said no, to just leave it for now. I said to him that I will let him talk to me when he is ready. Then last night he made some comments about do I think my parents will be happy.... Yknow gentle conversation about it.

Looks like DH is going to have to work as I am the main earner and the amount he is contracted for, will just get spent on childcare anyway.

Did anyone else experience this too?



  • It's different for a bloke Hun. My oh showed no interest really during my first pregnancy until he could feel and see kicks, he just switched off and told me he wished I'd stop talking bout baby stuff. He's been the best dad ever though.  It's an external experience for them whereas we r emotionally and physically attached from that first bfp. While we're worrying bout baby and our bodies etc all they've got to think about really is providing for the child and how u will both manage. Truth is hes just in shock let him be, let him mull it over in his head and when he wants to talk he will. And eventually ull b sharing the excitement together, just wait till he sees that baby fir the first time at the 12 week scan. When he feels the baby kick him. It'll come to him Hun don't worry xx

  • LH, Thanks for your lovely reply. I guess its scary for both of us for different reasons. He isnt adverse to it, just said to leave him be.

  • He's a man let him stew for a bit. It's a lot to take in but he'll b fine I promise image x

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