I got 3 BFPs on Tues and Weds and went and saw the Dr Weds morning. She didn't give me anything and just said to give my details in downstairs for the MW to contact me.

When/how do I get the exemption card? I called my Drs yesterday and the lady said I could pop in and fill a form in and the Dr would sign it and they'd post it off for me.

I called in this morning this horrid grinch of a receptionist refused to give me a form, despite what her colleague had said, saying it needed to be the MW who did that not the Drs and proceeded to make me explain to her that I was pregnant, how far along I was and also that I probably wouldn't see the MW for a few weeks yet. I felt so humiliated. There were at least 3 people stood behind me at the desk and I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.

I suffer from acid reflux anyway and it has flared up really badly. She said All she could do was make an appointment for me. I even started to get teary. I said to her that funnily enough, this was my first pregnancy and I would expect a receptionist at a GP surgery to know the protocol!


  • Hey hun the mw will sign a form at booking and send off for you and you get your card about 2 weeks later. the valid date will b a month before the mw signed the form to 1 year after ur edd, if u have to pay for any medication while u wait ask for a proper receipt as u will want to claim it back. My form got lost I waited ages for my card missed out on claiming loads of prescriptions back as had to have a new form, x

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