8 weeks pregnant and morning sickness stopped

Hey ladies, I'm hoping to get some advice. I'm just under 8 weeks pregnant and my morning/all day sickness completely disappeared. I was very sick for the last week and a half and then woke up today and it was gone. Has anyone been through this? Should I be concerned?


  • Yeah mine left me at 9 weeks then came back from 11-21 weeks, try not to worry hun x

  • I was the same - all symptoms disappeared at about 8-9wks and I of course panicked and ran to get a private scan fearing the worst but baby was perfect. 

    Just enjoy it while it lasts - unfortunately your sickness will probably come back again soon! image

  • Thank you ladies for replying. I guess I'm panicking too much. I'm a little paranoid due to 2 previous m/c's. Going to try to relax
  • Snap mine went. I panicked. Then bang back they came at 11 weeks and still here at 15
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