Bleeding is it normal

Hi ladies well I'm around 6 weeks pregnant and due to short cycle today should be the day I'm due on, iv been to the loo this afternoon and on wiping iv seen pink on the tissue. This would be the 2nd period iv missed in this pregnancy. I'm very worried, iv had an early scan last Friday and they put me at coming to the end of my 5th week there was a sac and yoke but no heartbeat they re booked me for a scan on the 23rd December I'm just wondering if any one else had this around the time of when their AF was due x


  • Hey huni I bled on and off for first 10 weeks sometimes it was stringy and usually had bad cramps with it but it was always about the time my period was due. Fx it stops for uhow  ru feeling? X

  • Thanks babe it's stopped again now but I do feel heavy like AF is about to show up, other half has told me not to freak out just see how it goes tonight and if needs be call the epu tomoz morning xx

    Apart from this I'm feeling good, feel sick in the mornings and when I go to bed at night time, my boobs feel fuller.

    Just wish my scan was sooner than the 23rd of December image gonna feel like a long wait xx
  • Bless ya it'll soon come around and will be the best xmas present image keep us posted x

  • bleeding back heavy, got to call epu tomorrow morning at 9, i feel heavy and like some thing is going to fall out of me i think its over

  • Hope you and baby are ok hun!

    You should go to A&E if bleeding heavy. I know i would anyways as wouldn't be able to sleep and constantly worried. Not all bleeding means bad news! My doctor told me his wife has had three babies and through all three pregnancies she bled and they was all ok.

    I had some spotting when i was six weeks as well and also had an early scan. They seen it was a bruise on the inside and bled when irritated and now with my blood group a negative B sex is deffo of the list till baby arrives!

    They should have put the scan date a lot sooner then what they given you. When i bled they put me in the following day to scan as it was a sunday and they cant at weekends. With them not seeing a heartbeat they should of put you at least just one week away so baby has grown a little more.

    Let us know whats happened. My fingers are crossed for you xx
  • Just wanted to say I had the same at about six weeks - also same heavy feeling and bleeding, but all turned out well. Had a very heavy bleed later on at 12 weeks too and it still stuck fast. So please don't think it's all over. 

    Try and relax this eve, and I'll cross my fingers for you tomorrow.


  • Good luck babe please keep us posted, praying for u n lil bean xx

  • Really sorry to hear this. Hoping all is ok for you!x

  • hi girls 

    they have moved my scan from the 23rd to the 18th december will let u know the out come

  • Wow there still making you wait after you have been bleeding heavy! They should be putting you first and getting you in for this week x
  • They arent prepared to scan you now?? Can you go privately?x

  • Too be honest they are useless

    When i was spotting i called the nhs number as it was a sunday and doctors shut and this so called professional woman told me misscarrage. Thats all she was saying and that its best to have it now then further on!

    I ended up just going a+e and they seen me strait away. Why dont u do that?x
  • thats rubbish, how ru feeling now? Fx for u chick x

  • thanks girls i was feeling ok as the bleeding had stopped this morning, iv had a pad on all day and nothing took it of this evening and boom iv started again.

    they told me if it get really painful and really heavy as in having to change a pad every half hour to call back other wise just got to ride it out, yes i know i could go privet but i dont have that sort of money just before xmas so going to have to wait till wednesday, they said they didnt want to do another internal scan this week because i had one done on friday so to do it this week they said there wouldnt be much change xx all i can do is hope and pray

  • I understand, just thought uve been so much worry already. Keeping all crossed for u. X

  • scan moved to tomoz due to passing 3 large blood clots xx

  • Ahh hun i hope its not bad news image

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you

    Let us know xx
  • had my scan and i saw the heart beat but im still bleeding, it comes and goes and im not in any pain.

    i wake up with nothing yet come lunch time im bleeding and by the evening its stopped again.

    another scan on the 23rd im keeping every thing crossed but its hard xxx

  • Hi,

    I had very heavy bleeding with my first at 7 weeks pregnant. I was at work and convinced I had lost her. I had a subchronic heamatoma which is a posh name for a blood clot, it was in the womb but away from the baby and was treated as a threatened miscarriage. 

    The bleeding was on and off until I was 17 weeks and then it just stopped. She is now a happy healthy 4 year old.

    Just wanted to give you some hope that although there is bleeding, things can still be ok. Hope it all stops for you soon and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. 

    Good luck image xx

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