gender can uncertain can anyone help guess with me

was just wondering if i could have some guesses even though not sure if posting right part just what i think sonographer looked at baby wasnt cooperating at all at back to us so was hiding all bits so sonograher had a look underneath and things she know what baby is but yeah didnt really know so i'm a bt concerned to tell people and start shopping in case wrong 


 12 week scan profile pic


 looking up between legs (i think lol) bum facing camera with private parts facing away from view


 for all the skull theroy people.

thanks for looking and giving opinions and guesses


  • boy?? lol will you pay for another sc an or leave it?? if i was you id either buy neutral or just a few bits and keep tickets on and cheack returns policy of the shops

  • I'm not sure looks boyish but could easily be swollen girl parts x

  • yeah baby defiently didnt play nice for us we are thinking about having another scan just trying to find out if got the money for it and all it being round christmas and all 

    the tech said it was a maybe girl she thinks she can see the labia but yeah said she not sure would of prefered her to tell us she couldnt tell instead of saying maybe girl cause thats what we are hoping for so yeah kinda nervous now lol

  • Check out wowcher and groupon, I got a 4d scan for 27 quid on there just kept checking every day till they advertised one x

  • I think a girl looks very like my scan pic of my daughters parts too! Lol x
  • Yeah I'm leaning more pink than blue x

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