Just found out.... After 3 years of ttc but very scared

Hi all, I've been away from here for so long now, but I'm back. 

i have just found out I'm pregnant!! I can't actually believe it. Test says 2-3 wks so I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant! As I said this is a shock as I have pcos and also blocked tubes I've had one failed IVF and was just waiting to start my second attempt in January!

i am so very very pleased but also so worried, I have had a mc in the past (6 yrs ago) but the thoughts and feelings never leave you.

This will be baby number 3 for me and I'm trying to recall my last 2 pregnancys (children are 11 & 5) so a long while ago.

symptom wise I've had swollen,  heavy sore breast for about 3 wks going to the loo more often and some tiredness But this is it! With my other 2 I was really sick but can't remember when that started. What where your early pregnancy symptoms???



  • That sounds completely normal to me, in fact you have more symptoms that I did at 5 weeks. Wait until 6 weeks and that's usually when the morning sickness starts. My morning sickness started earlier with my girls than it did with my boy. Try relax, I know it's hard. Good luck!
  • Hi

    Ahhh congratualtions i bet your so happy image especially so close to christmas! A lovely early present

    Dont worry some women dont really have pregnancy symptoms. All pregnancies are different.

    Im 17 weeks, the symptoms i had at the start was bloating and cramp feeling, sore boobs and feeling sick. That was it. Ive never had morning sickness and now im in second trimester i have sore boobs, weeing loads in the evening and night and my bump image thats it.

    Its so scary because at times i still question my self am i pregnant? Tou hear so many storys about people constantly throwing up and feeling crap when pregnant but im fine!

    I often feel flutters and just want the kicks to happen now (its my first) so pregnancy will then start to feel like i am!

    Next scan is 27th this month and im petrified x
  • Thank you for you replies ladies. I've had an early scan and seen a heartbeat still scared tho. It's a long way to go image 

  • Seeing that heartbeat is a good sign image

    Im sure everything will be fine x
  • Hiya! Congratulations!! I've just found out I'm pregnant after trying for 2 yrs, also got a 2-3 on CBd on Thursday so 4-5 weeks. image I have a 3(almost 4) yr old so trying to remember what it was like too. Also had a misc 18 months ago but as I feel so sick I'm taking it as a good sign.

    Looking forward to the August 2014 board opening and getting to chat to you and others at the same stageimage xx
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