heart beat but bleeding :(

well ladies i went for my scan today and  im 6 weeks and 3/4 days we saw a heart beat and a little peanut, both me and other half are so shocked as with the bleeding the last few days and the blood clots iv passed we both so believed we were having another m/c.

the bleeding goes from red to pink, light to slightly heavy on and off, iv got no pain or back ache which is a good sign or so im told, i asked them today why i was bleeding and i was told that some times it just happens that ladies do bleed for the first 12 weeks and go on to have a healthy baby at the end of the day, she has told my other half NO SEX till my next scan which is the 23rd of december.

just wondering how many of you ladies have gone through this same sort of thing and went on to have a healthy pregnancy???

im still in shock that baby is there and has a heart beat, she said i must have a good little fighter in there!


  • Great news Hun, I bled on and off for 10 weeks with cramps n backache n touch wood so far so good. Hang on in there lil bean xx

  • Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear about your latest scare. What a horrible time.

    Is it around the time you would have had your next period? I know it's quite common to bleed around the time of the next couple of periods?

    With my miscarriage it was definitely the pain on top of the bleeding hick have it away. I started to feel a sense if loss too.

    So amazing to see a heartbeat.

    Imagine if we didn't have scans!?
  • Hello Sarah, I have been following a couple of your threads on here and i'm happy to hear that your little bundle of joy is still staying strong in there! Is it possible that maybe your bleeding due to stress? I have heard women say that was there cause of bleeding during pregnancy. Wishing the best for you and your family! Keep updated dear!

  • i had heavy bleed at 6 weeks with clots. . went to hospital and my twins were fine. no explanation why i was bleeding, but told happens, i also had cramps, it lasted for one day, then had small bleed at 7 weeks lasted bout half hour. . nothin since now 18 weeks image

    good luck, sounds like your little bean is hanging on in there too x
  • hi ladies and thank you for your replies xx

    well tuliprose yes is the answer to that question, the bleeding started tuesday which was the due date of my AF. its so anoying! i woke up again this morning to no bleeding what so ever and iv just been for a wee and im bleeding again! it was like it yesterday as well, woke up dry and fine but by lunch time i was bleeding then by the evening it stops again.

    i know iv now seen my babies heart beat but every time i wipe and see the blood i think WHY! i dont have any pain what so ever like i did when i had my m/c, with that i couldnt even walk from the front room to the bathroom with out having to change a pad and bent over crying in pain where as this time iv put new pads of yet hardly any thing on them, i just got to keep hoping my little bean fights and the bleeding stops soon, AF would stop around monday if it was a period so fingers crossed it stops then. 

    il keep you all posted on the out come of my next scan xxx

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