I have a healthy 4 year old and tried to get pregnant for 2 years and had no luck. In dec 2012 I finally fell pregnant, thought it was a miracle but sadly lost the baby at 6 weeks. I then fell pregnant a week later and got early scans, showing the babies heartbeat and everything was fine until my 12 week scan it showed no heartbeat and only measured 11 weeks in march 2013 It was a mmc as I had no idea anything was wrong. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and had early scans showing heartbeat again,  have another one tomorrow but terrifeied incase it all goes wrong again, my symptoms keep coming and going same as my 3rd pregnancy, though with my 1st pregnancy I had no symptoms and pregnancy was a breeze.

has anyone had this happen and got their rainbow baby?


Jayden born 18/08/09

m/c 6 weeks 13/12/12

mmc baby Kailen 14/03/13


  • Sorry to hear about your losses. Its such a difficult time and the twelve weeks seem to take forever. That said i have worried right through this pregnancy because i miscarried last year. Just try and have faith that chances are on your side. They have seen a heartbeat which statistically makes it a lot less likely for something to go wrong. Do you have a date for your 12 wk scan? Not long to wait now. You have had one healthy baby so you know it can happen. Keeping everything crossed for you for a healthy and happy pregnancy! Congratulations image xx

  • Good luck hun xx

  • I don't have a date yet, I've got a 9 week one tomorrow then see my midwife on Friday so she will book me for my 12 week after new year. I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Thanks for your comments x
  • keeping every thing crossed for you jaydensmummy xxx

  • thanks very much guys. had my scan yesterday and its all good so far, she said its measuring 9 week 3 days, few days more than i expected. booked in for another on the 30th before my 12 week one just to make sure its going good since last time I lost at 11 weeks.

  • Congrats Hun x

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