Early pregnancy constipation

Hi ladies,

I am 6 weeks and 2 days now.  I have been taking pictures every week for the last few weeks, and I am noticing some bloat.  I wonder if I am constipated. Ugh...such an awful feeling.  I even think i'm getting crankier too! Ha-ha. I thought the extremely sore breast, fatigue and random bouts of emotions was enough. Now I have to deal with constipation?! Seriously, it's been a few days since I went at all, but a week since it was normal. 

Is anyone else having this problem too?  I have my first scan (to see the heartbeat) on 12/20, so I will be sure to let my doctor know. 


  • this post made me laugh!

    pregnancy is not a walk in the park image yes constipation is something that can happen. its just one of the many symptoms your likely to experience. this is my first time pregnant and no expert but i would say prepare your self cos your body is making a life, it Will change a lot. Will all be worth it though!

    good luck!
  • Hey Hun, I have been severely constipated was only able to go about once every 6 or 7 days. Now at almost 33 weeks I can't stop going, it's ridiculous. Like there's no room in my body for anything else ha ha. Think I am having my pre labour clear out a bit early but it seems to go on and on lol. Take heart in the fact it doesn't last forever, drink plenty of water and pure orange, lots of fruit n veg, and linseed is supposed to be good too x

  • I went to my GP this morning about something else but mentioned my stomach cramps I have been suffering from and he seems to think it is bowl/constipation related and has given me some lactulose. Hoping it gets rid of my horrid cramps! And the chemist was great. I said my GP had given me this but I might be able to buy something over the counter as I havent had my pregnancy exemption form/card yet and the chemist said he would tick that i had an exemption form for me. Good man!

  • lactulose is brilliant. i too have been quite constipated since i got pregnant (am 11 weeks and 5 days). it eases the discomfort to for me


  • Constipation is natural

    Im 18 weeks and get it and also the painful gas image

    If your taking vitamins such as pregnacare one of the side effects is constipation as well as a pregnancy side effect.

    Ive read having more iron helps so green veg, raisins, dried apricots etc x
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