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So its my first pregnancy and I'm due to see the MW on 30 Dec. I keep thinking of questions to ask and thinking "Should I ask that or is it silly" or thinking "I'm sure I should ask questions about X, Y and Z".

What questions did/would you ask as a first time pregnancy?

So far I have thought of the following:

  • Will I have the baby at my local hospital (which is 5 mins walk away with a small maternity unit) or the bigger hospital about 30 mins drive way?
  • Will I have lots of appointments if I am shared care (due to pre-existing medical conditions)?
  • Will I always be seen by my midwife? Or other MWs to?
  • If I have a problem do I call the mw team, my mw or my GP?
  • Will the period like pains stop?!
  • Do we have to decide early on if we want tests for Downs Syndrome etc or can we decide that later on?

Any more suggestions would be great image


  • Didn't want to read and run but don't worry, no question is silly, particularly when it is your first baby. In my experience midwives are fantastic at alleviating concerns and fears. Enjoy the time as it goes quickly! And good luck image

  • Ahh ask as many questions as you want image

    The hospital question my midwife has let me choose where to go and i can always change my mind. The one ive chosen which is like a 15 min drive ive heard stories about them being crap but the nearest hospital after that where my mum had me is about a 40 min drive depending on traffic though!

    You could ask

    What food can you eat and what to avoid?

    How many appointments will i have with you?

    What pains are normal and what pains should i be concerned with?

    What money am i entitled to when baby is here? Some midwifes will know so its worth a chance of asking her

    I just went into my appointment and asked what ever came to my head. They do go over majority of what you want to ask them with asking so if she mentions other things you didnt know about then extend it more by asking a question about that topic

    I think mine just finds me a chatter box as i was talking and talking. Even about none pregnancy questions haha. Its nice to have a midwife you can get along with x
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