2 days to go!

As a lot of you know, i'm booked in to have my first baby on Thursday Via a csection. Am so excited to be a mum, I can't wait to meet the little guy who has been growing inside me. I am also so unbelievably terrified as I have no idea really what to expect Thursday, but am trying to just focus on the positive, and think the operation will only be 45 mins or so. I'm officially 37 weeks today - finally term! X



  • Soooo exciting, Christmas will be amazing for you this year image wish my little miss would hurry up really fed up now but still got ages left yet as only 32+4 x

  • it's not too long now, I know what it feels like though, you never know, your little lady might have her own plans as to whens she arrives! Thanks hun, i think ive felt every emotion going in the past week, i know i wont get a wink of sleep tomorrow night! do you have FB, would be great to keep updated with your little one too x

  • I don't no, I'll be putting my updates on here. Shame really had a great group of July 2009 mums but I'm the only February 2014 one here as everyone uses FB. Hopefully they'll pop back to update as and when babies start to arrive x

  • Ah thats a shame. Will defo have to keep up with the updates. I didn't find any groups on fb! x

  • Iv got 5 days till my due date!!! Sooo stupidly excited but also terrified about labour! I'm a first time mum so really don't know what to expect! Hope our little boy dosnt keep us waitin much longer! Good luck for Thursday! image and LH I'm sure ur final weeks will fly by! image keeps us updated with ur baby news image xxx
  • Thanks demmi, not long now, hopefully he will come this side of xmas for you! Good luck!xx

  • Aww good luck ladies, will be thinking of you all. Definitely know what you mean about being excited but also being scared, I'm petrified lol but want this so badly!

    im the same, most of the mums in due in march also chat on fb and I'm not on it so will be checking in here when I can too. I'm 29+3 today so not that far behind you LH but yes, also feel like I've been pregnant forever! I've just done my last day at work today as got 4 wks annual leave to take so it's all starting to feel very real now! Xxx

  • My god can't believe your already almost 30 weeks already. Ahhhh not long till well all b holding our babes in arms. I ache so bad I feel like I could drop right now lol. If she's still breech and won't turn then I'll be in for a c sec at 37 weeks too so maybe only 4 more to go but I'd rather do it naturally if I can x

  • Good luck to you both also! X

  • Arrrrrgh big day tomorrow! Wot time u booked in? Can't wait to see your update and pic image x

  • Booked in for 9, got to be in for 7.30. So nervous! Just want to fast forward now xx

  • Aww good luck Rose, please let us know how you get on obviously when you can xxx

    Not long for you either LH, I keep thinking once I hit 30 weeks this weekend then the fear will well and truly set in especially as I've finished work now! Are you booked for LRI or the General, I live closer to the General so will hopefully be going there.

    Take care ladies xxx

  • Thankyou, will do! Xxx

  • I'm in at the LRI Hun it's closer to us and gave birth there last time. 


    Good luck rose you will have your beautiful boy by now, thinking of u xx

  • Baby Leo, 6lbs 4oz, what a day but so worth it!

  • Oh babe he's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to u both and well done image xxx

  • Aww, Rose he's absolutely gorgeous! Aww, so very pleased for you, he's so lovely! Well done and congratulations!


  • congrates babe he is super cute xx

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