Is baby in right place still?

So im 18 weeks tomorrow Ive heard baby should start moving up by these weeks. Baby has just been moving loads and their on the left side like always but did move to the middle part and they seem to be only just a bit higher then wear midwife put doppler at 15 weeks Is this ok? X


  • At 18 weeks baby's still tiny so will be here there and everywhere so sounds normal to me. I'm 33 weeks n my baby still lays really low then really high then to the side etc. I think they carry on like that till there's no room left so I wouldn't worry baby's just having a little swim about lol x

  • Well baby has moved back into that same old spot they seem to love! Lol still moving around now image most ive felt move in a day so moves must be getting stronger.

    Its just that google says baby will be moving up to like belly button level or just below belly button but actually feeling the flutters now baby seems to be just about that level but still on the left side. Xx
  • My little one seems to prefer the left side too! I'm exactly 18 weeks as well.

    Midwife felt my uterus the other day and said it was in the right spot for this stage (In between belly button and pubic bone) but I still feel the movement and hear the hb quite low down on the left!x

  • Ahh really! Whens your next scan? Mines 27th next friday image so excited but nervous!

    Babies been moving loads again today. Could even feel the moves when i was standing up. I dont see my midwife again until feb! But my bloods negative and need the injection when im round twenty something weeks (will ask when at hospital) but im guessing hospital will do this if not midwife and when i last seen her at 15 weeks she put the doppler quite low still to hear heartbeat so im hoping everything is in the right place.

    Lol its strange how they prefer a side image tend to move into my centre of belly at times but majority just on the left x
  • I'm going for a private gender scan on Monday - really can't wait now!! Then have my official 20wk scan on the 6th Jan.

    Are you going to find out what you're having? 

    I think its funny that they have space in there to move about so much still! I know they're only 14cm-ish, but how can they move from one place to another so much?! Haha!x 

  • I cant wait to see baby on the screen again image although its very nerve wrecking at the same time when your just laying there at the start and no one says a word lol.

    Yeah im going to find out image i think its a boy though! Just have that feeling. What you reckon yours is?

    Im having a private scan for when i have my 3d image

    Haha mines felt like someone has been swimming inside me today x
  • I think boy too! Don't have a clue why, just always thought that and called him a he! 

    I know, really can't wait to see the little one again too - got a bit teary the other day just thinking about it! But totally know what you mean about those few minutes at the start! Totally worth it though when you get to see them wriggling about in there!xx

  • I know ive gotten my self prepared for the nurse to say boy haha.

    Same when ever i see babies on adverts i get all teary and think awww i want mine with me now image xx
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