so this is my first post here but i kind of need some advise/help/input:

 im four days late and i went to the doctor yesterday and they said that it is negative on their UA pregnancy test. im only 17 and i didnt have access to store home tests and so the doctor said that it COULD be to early to tell. however im not so sure. i dont want to burden my grandmother until something says positive. the doctor gave me two of their tests to take home. i dont want to immeadiatly take them and waste my chance of knowing but i am worried. i am usually on time and yet i havent had it. i have symptoms of backache, cramps, breast sensitivity( it also feels like they are heavier), nausea, small headaches, on the day i was meant to get my monthly i had one nickle sized brightish dot on the TP and nothing until today when i had a dot smaller than a pea on the TP. im confused.....


  • i know the wait must be killing you but if no period shows in about 5 days id test again with the one the doctors gave you or ask them to take some bloods to test xx

  • thank you it is kind of killing me for both good and bad reasons. good for the fact that i love babies and the father does too.bad for the reason that we are to young to be having kids (17) i dont know im just kind of mix emotions

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