good bye again!

hello ladies this is me for the second time this year leaving the pregnancy groups, i went for my scan this afternoon and my baby has died iv got to go in for an op tomorrow to have baby removed! not how i wanted to spend xmas eve feeling sick, gutted, low and just want to die!


  • Omg I am so sorry sarah. I will be thinking of you x

  • So sorry babe sending u all my love n hugs xxx

  • I'm so sorry Sarah, thinking of you xx

  • Hi Sarah,

    I am so sorry babe! Nothing I will say right now will make it better, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and I am here if you need me! I think they would have advised you at the hospital . . . . but if you are having a D&C / ERPC (surgical removal) make sure you don't eat or drink a few hours before the operation.

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow honey!

    Stay strong!

    Sending virtual hugs, Love J xxx

  • Oh sarah I'm so sorry to read this. This is truly crappy thing to happen. I hope tomorrow is over quickly for you. In my thoughts. X
  • Firstly thank you ladies for your kind words it means a lot.

    LH86 my dear friend thank you for being there for me through this, twice in 6 months has killed me and seeing a heart beat has made this time a whole lot worse!

    Judy my dear dear friend, you have become a big part of my life and im so happy i met you on here, thank you again for all your support and i know it might sound silly but i cant wait for the day we can both message each other with some good news! i have sent you an email i hope you got it ok? Yes they told me not to eat or drink after 6am, im sitting here with a banging head trying to see where i went wrong AGAIN! stuart has told me to stop blaming my self but i just feel like its my fault, he looked at the scan today where as i couldnt, he said he could see and bean/baby shape and they dated me back at the right dates image baby had a little growth spert but sadly his or her stopped beating over the last few days, they took some bloods today ready for the op tomoz, needless to say im shitting my self! i just cant believe im having to say good bye to my 2nd little bubba, now my 2 beans can be together.

    Mummy will never ever forget either of you........sleep well my babies xxxx

  • Awwww sweetheart none of this is ur fault, life can b so cruel n things like this make me wonder where the justice in this world has gone. Will b thinking of u today keep strong and stick together as a family thru this difficult time. Praying u will b back here some day with some good news to share. Stick a couple of extra angels on ur tree this year Hun, they'll never be forgotten. Chin up babes image xxx

  • Hi Sarah, just wanted to say I am truly sorry. I know we haven't really spoke much, but I was keeping everything crossed for you. I've had two mcs this year within the space of 5 months, and it really it totally awful. If you ever need to chat we are all here for you!! x x

  • thank you superstar xxxxx im doing ok, feeling very good considering :~) looking forward to xmas day now with my wee man, just need to look forward to 2014, il never forget my babies but i need to keep going strong for myself, my wonderful partner and my perfect little man xxx

  • Merry Christmas babes xx

  • Happy xmas LH86 babes loves ya xx

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