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Faint positive line

hi new on here so not sure we're to write what. I am 26 I suffered a chemical miscarriage last month I felt pregnant an done several tests which showed faint positives I then done a clear blue which said 1-2weeks. A few days later I started to bleed so went to hospital to get checked over they done blood tests which confirmed yes I am early stages of pregnancy an it was just probably implantation bleeding. Later that night I started to bleed heavy so went back to hospital an it looked like I was having a miscarriage but I should go for the scan they had booked with epu on the Monday as planned. On that visit it confirmed I'd had a miscarriage an the HCG levels were nearly almost out my system. I started to feel pregnant again a week after my period tired heavy soar breasts eating more an very moody, weeping a lot etc. so I decided to wait for my period which is 4/5 dayes late now an two tests show a faint line again I'm just scared it's going to result in amother chemical miscarriage. I'm worried just yet to do a test because I fear it will not be two clear red lines... What do you guys think. Please help xx


  • Hi, I would say go and see your GP they would be best able to advise you. Good luck and I hope things work out for you

  • hi huni i understand your fears i went throught 2 m/c last year december 24 was the last time and im now 5 weeks pregnant i would go to your doctors, or give it a few more days and test again xx

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