Missed period and negative test

I had been on birth control for over 8 years and came off of it in August. I have had 4 periods since with about 26 day cycles. My last period was on 11/24/13. I began going to the gym again a few days after Thanksgiving 5-6 days a week for about an hour of cardio and some light weight lifting,  My period was due on 12/20/13, making me now a week late. I have taken 3 tests (digital and regular) and all have come back negative. Is there a chance I am getting a false negative or could my period just be late because of exercise and or coming off birth control?


  • It is hard to understand our bodies sometimes.  Periods can be affected by stress (if you have been doing a large increase in exercise....) sometimes causing them to be 'overdue' or 'skipped'.

    It can take different women longer to build HCG levels for a positive test result.  Most Drs will advise that you are 2wks overdue your period before testing as you are more likely to get an accurate result.

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