Possibly preggo?

I had a m/c Oct. 11. 6 weeks 2 days. Af finally arrived Nov. 29. Yesterday i noticed brown/pink discharge, which has now subsided. No other early preggo signs. But before my m/c i had fatigue, sore breasts, backaches, etc. This time, nothing. Just the discharge (which i suspect is implantation bleeding). Expecting af Jan. 3... Is it common/possible to not have symptoms this time around?


  • Yes it is very common with my 1st child i had no symptoms at all. Im pregnant with my second and knew before i missed af that i was i felt more tired than usual had sore breasts and aches in hips after implantion so completely normal remember no 2 pregnancies are alike stay positive remain calm and nature will take its course. U posted this last year did u get positive result
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